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The 2005 F1 calendar has expanded to 19 races - the new race is Turkey. The rules are being changed for 2005 and 2006 - engines are going to have to last longer (to complete two events) as are the tyres (one set for qualifying and the race) while aerodynamics are being modified to cut downforce (by around 20 per cent) to reduce speeds further, and 2.4 litre V8 engines are also being proposed for 2006.

Ralf doesn't expect problems in new qualifying (this article has some pictures) For the new F1 season there will be two qualifying sessions. One on Saturday and one on Sunday. Both results will count for the grid order. A few drivers have already shown their concern about the new qualifying format. On Sunday a driver has to get in the car to set a qualifying lap before he can actually feel how the car is on that particular day.

Ralf: "We'll have to wait and see what that brings. If everything goes smoothly it should not be a problem, but it could be a different story if you have a problem like an engine failure or if you throw the car off the road on Sunday morning. That might make it hard to get the car built on time". There have been some complaints from TV stations and other media too about the extra qualifying session.

Ralf: "The Saturday session should at least give people a benchmark, which will be quite good for the press. I know it could all get slightly turned around and messy again on the Sunday, but that will depend on how teams decide to go. At least on the Saturday we'll know which car is the fastest car, which we missed a bit last year. Also, Sunday morning used to be a bit dead for spectators at the circuit. And I don't really see a problem for TV viewers. On Sunday morning, families are bored anyway so now they have something to do at breakfast…"

Ralf no fan of new F1 Ralf is not a fan of the slower F1. While struggling with understeer in Toyota's TF105, he admitted he preferred the pre-2005 style of racing. "I liked it the way we had it. I think it's a good idea to be slower so we are safer, but on the other hand ... I'm not sure what everyone, including the spectator, really would prefer to see". Me: You not having another crash, Ralf! (not that he'd be reading this) Ralf also denied that the new aerodynamic, engine and tyre regulation combination had made it any easier to overtake.

F1 in spin over tyre change A driver must select a single set of rubber prior to Saturday qualifying - and use it right through to the end of the 300km grand prix. Ralf (on Michelin) is finding a performance drop throughout a long run. "Then it comes back up. We aren't sure how it's going to go on every circuit, especially hot ones like Malaysia".

Ralf at homeoff1.com Ralf said the 2005 long life tyre rule will not have a big influence on lap time. "Actually, I've been surprised so far. The tyres I've tried are really good, sort of equal on (lap) time to what we're used to (in 2004)"

Although, through a forced harder compound, the FIA wanted to slow the grand prix contender, Ralf said the aero/downforce limitation is having a far larger impact on the stopwatch. "I think they're right to try to slow us down. If (the FIA) just left it alone, I think we'd eventually be way too quick to be adequately safe"
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