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Formula One's governing body, the FIA, has been forced to backtrack on plans to ban all drivers aids, including traction control, until 2004. The FIA said the decision was due to cost considerations and the threat of arbitration from Williams and McLaren. Electronic launch control, traction control and fully-automatic gearboxes were due to be banned from the British Grand Prix on July 20 with the FIA planning to introduce their own sensors to rule out cheating.

The FIA statement said: "The technical devices which will ensure the absence of driver aids require substantial investment. The FIA is reluctant to commit the necessary resources until actual or threatened arbitration proceedings have been resolved. Accordingly the full enforcement of the long-established ban on in-car driver aids will be delayed until the first race of the 2004 season. If current uncertainties have not been resolved before the deadline for ordering the technical devices for 2004, competing teams will be required to demonstrate the absence of driver aids to the satisfaction of the stewards at each event of the 2004 and subsequent championships"

Williams and McLaren warned the FIA in February that it would take the world motor sports body to arbitration in Switzerland over the manner in which wide-ranging changes were introduced to Formula One this season. It will take at last a year for a ruling to emerge. The FIA had originally wanted to ban traction control from the start of the current season while some teams, who have invested heavily in the systems, wanted no change until 2004 at the earliest.

Traction control, which reduces wheelspin and makes cars easier to drive in the wet, was banned from the end of 1993 to 2001 when it was reinstated after the FIA recognised difficulties in policing the systems.
New rules for 2003
Ralf Schumacher: “I don’t think it has ever been so difficult to predict the outcome of a season’s opening race. I think the consequences of the rule changes will have a more decisive effect than which team has the fastest car. I genuinely have no idea who will be ahead. All I know is that we have been working very hard on our car in order to make it as competitive as possible”

Juan Pablo Montoya [Ralf's team mate] “This season the new rules will add some more uncertainty. I like the idea of one-shot qualifying”

The Australian Grand Prix is the first of 16 rounds in this year’s FIA Formula One World Championship. Last year, Montoya and Michael Schumacher won seven pole positions each. Just who will qualify where, and as a consequence, how they will end up in the race, is tricky to forecast this season because of the new one-car, one-lap qualifying. In past seasons, drivers had 12 laps spread over an hour with which to set a fast qualifying lap.

Single-car qualifying is one of the major rule changes that the teams must deal with this season. Drivers head out one at a time on Friday in the order of championship points, which in this case is last year’s standings. Each driver gets only one flying lap and no second chances. On Saturday, the qualifying order is set by Friday’s times, with the fastest driver on Friday going out last on Saturday.
Other key rule changes this season include:

· Banning of team orders.

· Impounding cars between final qualifying and the race.

· Cars must start the race with the same amount of fuel and the same tires they had at the end of final qualifying.

· Banning of pit-to-car telemetry.

· The spare car may only be used if a driver’s car is severely damaged.

· Teams now have a wider choice of dry-weather tires.

· Only one specification of rain tire allowed.

· At midseason, electronic driver aids such as traction control and launch control will be banned.

The driver lineup remains unchanged in the top three teams – Ferrari (Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello) Williams-BMW (Montoya and Ralf Schumacher) and West McLaren-Mercedes (David Coulthard and Kimi Raikkonen) Ferrari and McLaren are starting the season with heavily modified versions of their 2002 cars while Williams will debut is 2003 model.
What the BMW Williams team thinks of the new rules from
Williams boss Frank Williams is backing the ban on traction and launch control this season. Traction control will be outlawed from this July's British Grand Prix. Launch control, which virtually guarantees a flawless start, could also go at the same time.

F1 banned traction control at the end of the 1993 season but it returned at the 2001 Spanish Grand Prix because the FIA, the sport's governing body, admitted it could not police the system. The FIA are confident new technology will detect cheats while a reward of around a million US dollars is on offer to anybody who proves a team is breaking the rules.

"I just hope that they can be policed better than they had been before" Williams said. "It will be nice to see some drivers able to exploit their vehicles better than others purely by talent. The spectacle should improve usefully but not dramatically"

Former driver Gerhard Berger, now motorsport boss at Williams' engine suppliers BMW, has also come out in support of the move to ban driver aids. "What we want to see at the end of the year is not just the best technology but the best driver. Having good starts, bad starts, overtaking at the first corner is what we all want to see. We want to see the driver that can handle this in a better way than another driver"

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