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21 December: Being married to a millionaire Formula One star is not all cash and five-star hotel swimming pools. Cora told German television's Menschen Bei Maischberger programme that the worst moment of her life with a racing husband came last June. "I just wanted to talk to him and find out he is alright but it just wasn't possible while he was being treated. I still can't look at the video pictures". It's not even a smooth ride in the couple's new Toyota company car, Cora revealed. "I certainly have the better accident balance" (from

18 December: Off the track Ralf is such a bad driver that he cannot even park properly, says his wife Cora. "There have been a number of little accidents when it comes to getting into and out of parking spots. Ralf causes the sort of accidents you might expect from women drivers" The Sun quoted Cora as saying.

Cora said Ralf had more bumps than she did while parking mainly since his recent team switch from Williams to Toyota. It meant his private car became an unfamiliar Toyota instead of the BMW he was used to. "Ralf was waiting for the beep to let him know how close he was to the car behind him - but we heard a different noise" she added.
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Model Jordan talks about her involvement with Ralf
In an interview with Mirror editor Piers Morgan just weeks before she left for the jungle, Jordan tells how she had feelings for both Formula One ace Ralf Schumacher and pop star Dane Bowers at the same time. And she reveals that despite a three year on-off relationship with Schumacher, the pair never slept together.

In the TV interview to be screened next month, Jordan discusses her colourful love-life with extraordinary candour. Some of her most astonishing revelations concern her feelings for German Schumacher, who she met early in her career on a shoot for Esquire magazine. At the time she was going out with electrician Gary Bolingbroke, her childhood sweetheart.

Jordan says: From the moment I met Ralf there was something there straight away. Even though we hadn't spoken. He would sit at his table. I'd sit at mine but we'd keep looking at each other. As soon as I saw Ralf I thought: 'God, he is gorgeous' and he kept looking at me and everyone kept talking about it, saying, 'He does fancy you.' But I was shy.

Jordan: I like to be told they love me and I look nice. I like the cuddles. I just like to feel wanted, like anyone.

After splitting with Gary, Jordan began dating Gladiator star Ace - Warren Furman - in December 1997. But Ralf was never far from her thoughts. She says: I realised I had feelings for Ralf and I thought: 'Something's not right. I shouldn't be with Warren if I'm looking elsewhere.' So I finished with him and then Ralf asked me to go over.

Last week, after Jordan whispered to camp mates in the jungle that she had dated Schumacher, he denied the pair had an affair. But she went to see him in Monaco and visit his family in Germany. However, the relationship faded when Jordan met Dane Bowers in 1999.

She adds: I had feelings for Dane and I was just confused in the head. I never had a proper relationship with Ralf because I was always letting him down. One time while I was with Dane, I wasn't unfaithful but I did fly out and see Ralf because I wanted to get my head straight if it was Ralf I wanted or Dane.

Jordan still believes if she hadn't met Dane, she would be still with the racing driver today. She says: When I split with Dane a year later I realised he was unfaithful and it makes me sick. For three years with the build-up, I didn't do anything with Ralf. I just threw it all away because of Dane. I lost out there. I didn't have sex with Ralf. I wasn't with him every weekend. I didn't know him well enough to be in love with him. I think love's a strong word.

Jordan appears in BBC1's Tabloid Tales presented by Piers Morgan on Wednesday, March 3, at 10.30pm. source:
Interviewed on ITV1's This Morning, Jordan was asked about the book: Apparently that's caused a stir. I'm sticking to my guns. I haven't said anything that isn't true - so come sue me, whoever said he's going to [David Beckham said he's going to sue her] source:
Katie Price's agent said Jordan's claims are true: "She used to fly out to Germany a lot to visit him". Last year, he was affected by other attacks in gossip magazines such as claims that he was gay and his wife Cora was having an affair. Ralf's manager Willi Weber explained: "He can't just cut it out when newspaper stories say those things. He's human - of course it affected him"
Ralf's reaction to Jordan's revelations: He has denied claims by British model Jordan that they had a three-year affair, saying that her comments are 'just lies'. Jordan, real-name Katie Price, said on ITV's 'I'm A Celebrity' that her book, which is out in April is "going to shock a few people. I name names. I had an affair for three years on and off with Ralf Schumacher." Ralf, though, has denied this, saying that Jordan was lying about ever having had a relationship with him. He told Bild: "I met her at a PR event when I was working for Jordan (the team) Her claims about what happened in the years after that are just lies. The truth is, we never had anything."

Apparently none of it was broadcast but The Sun got hold of the transcript of the conversation. I'd like to read her book to see what she says about Ralf. I doubt he'll get a whole chapter like David Beckham though.
Ralf speaks out at [translation]
Ralf expressed himself on speculations over his private life and marriage. "There was a rumor [in the driver camp] That was very impudent. Therefore I had to express myself. It is unfortunate that one must do that"

Living in England I found it hard to discover what the German press have been writing about Ralf and his wife Cora. Here's a translated article at from 24.03.2003. The article mentions a few rumours, including that Ralf and Cora lead only an illusory relationship. "Such nonsense" said Ralf. He already handed the affair to his lawyer.
Ralf and Cora
Ralf and Cora
next they'll be saying he wears Cora's dresses...

Last year I became aware of some of the rumours around Ralf. I suppose if you're talented and pretty like Ralf, they're not going to complement you for it, instead they're going to put you down any way they can.

Since getting into F1 I realised it can be a very spiteful place. What Ralf does in his private life is nobody's business but his own. If they are insinuating that Ralf's relationship is false it just shows their own prejudice towards what they think his lifestyle may be. They're the ones with the problem.
Another of my heroes is Nicky Wire of the Manic Street Preachers [Welsh rock band] People who don't know anything about him are convinced he's gay yet he's been married for years and just became a Dad. Yet some people are convinced it's still a front.

I doubt Ralf will ever see this website, but I wanted to say what I thought about all this. I welcome all visitors to my website whatever you are, and don't subscribe to the shallow prejudice perpetuated by some people. Although I can't make much sense of the translated article I've linked above, I agree with Ralf when he says "We should rather talk about formula 1"

Michael Schumacher with Mystery Redhead...
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